How can you help through a company? 

If you have an art collection or want to start collecting

Various companies have opted for business or corporate collecting. They not only acquire artworks to decorate office areas, but it is also a way to generate a positive impact on society, by stimulating the preservation of artistic heritage.

If you purchase one of the artworks that make up this “Food Support Project in Times of COVID-19”, you would also be helping a whole chain of members of society, from artists to vulnerable families who receive food.

If you give corporate gifts

Corporate gifts given to clients, business partners, or key company personnel are critical to a sound marketing strategy.

We propose to make a gift that consists of a special edition of an artwork by our artists.

In addition to the artwork acquired for clients, suppliers, agents, you will be able to support a whole network of people involved, from artists to families living in conditions of extreme poverty.

This gesture not only promotes the loyalty and fidelity of your collaborators, it also emphasizes the company’s commitment to society.


The folders are made to measure for the artwork, with a heavy weight and acid-free paper.

The logo of CT Proyectos and the company are printed using silkscreen

postcard with a message of gratitude

Along with the folders we include a gratitude postcard detailing the support achieved with the acquisition of an artwork.

Option 1

20 silkscreen

• $48,720.00 MXN

• 44 families

• 4 taxi drivers

• 10 small farmers

Option 2

• 50 silkscreen

• $113,680.00 MXN

• 128 families

• 13 taxi drivers

• 30 small farmers

Option 3

100 silkscreen

• $203,000.00 MXN

• 250 families

• 25 taxi drivers

• 60 small farmers