• Galería Ethra, through the CT Proyectos platform, launched the Food Support Project in times of COVID-19, which consists of delivering a bag of fresh food to vulnerable families in the Metropolitan Zone of the Valley of Mexico.
  • In this project, the agent of change are the COMPANIES or COLLECTORS that acquire artworks and allow to activate a support network that is expanding more and more.
  • With the funds raised, we buy fresh products from small farmers in Milpa Alta, distribute it through taxi drivers and finally reach families in need.
  • In this process we promote a whole chain: the artist who receives only 10% on the sale of each work, the team in the Printmaking Studio where the pieces are printed, the designer who makes the folders in which they are delivered, the small farmer, the taxi drivers we hire to distribute the bags, the jute bags marketer and, finally, the beneficiary families.

How does it work?



The artists who are involved in the project are regular collaborators of the gallery and have a proven track record in the national and international artistic field. 


Prices vary according to the type of work, the print run and the artist.

For companies interested in supporting the project, we can make a sales proposal that fits the budget.


The artworks are mainly screenprints of different print runs and a format that varies according to the proposal of each artist.


The artworks will be delivered in a folder with a message of gratitude on behalf of Galería Ethra.

National and international shipments can be scheduled

What does a bag contain?

The food and quantities have been recommended by a nutrition specialist.

Hello, good afternoon, I thank you from me and my family for this little food bag that you sent us. It is beautiful, I really appreciate it. I was telling to my son that I feel sad and very excited because nobody had given me anything before. Thank you very much .”


Mother of Felipe. Member of “Hasta Encontrarles” Collective

Thanks to all who collaborated with the delivery of this food bag… thank you very much. God will multiply those good actions 🙏 Because without knowing us you give us this support … thank you very much.


Mother of Natali. Member of “Hasta Encontrarles” Collective

“Members of the food support project in times of COVID-19, on behalf of the García Duarte family, we want to thank you infinitely for the valuable support you have given us, it motivates us to continue being supportive and empathetic with others, we wish the best for you and God multiply all this support “.

Familia García Duarte

Neighbor of El Ocotal, La Magdalena Contreras

Meet those involved in the project

Centro de Acopio

Milpa Alta, Mexico City

Nopal´s Small Farmer

Milpa Alta, Mexico City

Daniel González

Centro de Acopio´s Coordinator 

Milpa Alta, Mexico City

Emanuel A Rosas

Taxi drivers´s Coordinator

Milpa Alta, Mexico City

Agrupación de taxis “Jaguares A.C.”

Milpa Alta, Mexico City

“La Siempre Habana” Printmaking Studio

Cuernavaca, Morelos


Mexico City

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