Aims to involve various agents of our society through art.

Art will be the founding stone to generate an immediate and highly committed effect with the human right to access food.

Through the acquisition of an artwork other agents of the art world such as collectors will have the opportunity to provide food for the most needed during the pandemic.

We will help to overcome the economic burdens of the isolation measures.



The artists who are involved in the project are regular collaborators of the gallery and have a proven track record in the national and international artistic field. *


Single payment: $ 220 USD each

3-12 monthly installments with 0% interest: $250 USD each. **


The screen prints will be in 4 inks with a limited print run of 40 pieces and a format that varies according to the proposal of each artist


The artworks will be delivered in a folder with a message of gratitude on behalf of Galería Ethra.***

*First Screen printing series will be by Víctor Guadalajara.

** For more information about payment methods contact

*** First serie is already available. Next can be sent as soon as the screen printings are ready, most likely starting June. Shipping costs can be consulted through the mail

How does it work?

Collectors and companies acquire the works, in advance.

A group of artists from the gallery create a series of screen prints.

The artists also print the works on jute bags.

With most of the funds raised, food is purchased from small farmers in Centro de Acopio y Comercialización de Nopal-Verdura, Milpa Alta.

Food sets will be prepared for a family of 4 people for a week that will be packaged in the bags.

A group of taxi drivers will be hired to distribute the food.

Food will be delivered to the homes of families who have become unemployed or low-income.

Prints costs will be covered and artists will receive 10% for the sale of each work.


Food support

Make 6 cycles of food support delivery, at the rate of 1 week each.


Make 6 screen printings series of 6 artists, with a print run of 40 pieces.


Sell a minimum of 30 artworks per print run.

Small farmers

Buy food from 20 small farmers for each cycle.


Deliver at least 270 food bags for each cycle.

First cycle

Delivery routes:

Milpa Alta- Ecatepec de Morelos- Atenco

Milpa Alta-Xochimilco-Iztapalapa

Milpa Alta- Naucalpan de Juárez- Nicolás Romero